When I think about what started my adventure with photography
I still remember a camera with a roll and kodak film,
a holiday where I photographed every leaf and tree, the first digital camera where the walk
lasted twice as long because the frame, because the light …
since then much has changed in technology but the essence is still the same..

Capture a moment in this way to remember it after many years. That the photo would remind the smell,
the sound of the forest when we were riding a bicycle,
fog before the sun came out on the way to a holiday
or the colour of trees when I came back with a four-day baby from the hospital – a wink, a flash.

Life consists of these flashes. Our lifes, hair styles, children’s faces change..
I want to capture these moments for you, to close them in a small shot. I like to come back to them
because I know that time is running so fast…

  • children’s photography in your home or outdoors
  • special photos – christening, one-year ord birthday, communion, etc
  • studio thematic sessions: festive, mother’s day, first day at school, etc
  • lifestyle, pregnancy or sessions for two

I greet warmly – Ania!